Affordable housing is being reimagined and we are so excited to play a part in the new landscape.

The idea for ARCH is a result of a conversation during a development meeting for affordable housing.  It was clear, that developers were looking for somewhere to market their new affordable housing communities.  They were looking for someone who understood affordable housing and what it means to be a member of a community.

Kristen and Kim decided to take on the challenge and try to meet the need of affordable housing rent-up.

There is no better time than now to embrace this new initiative.  The discussion about the need for affordable housing is on everyone’s mind.  Whether its housing for seniors, singles or families, the need for affordable housing has touched the lives of someone we know.

We are excited to be involved in assisting you find your new home.


If you are an affordable housing developer or someone interested in housing, ARCH will provide the connection between new affordable housing development and its tenants / members.

Developers can rely on ARCH to provide potential occupants with information about their development.  ARCH will engage interested individuals and families throughout the application process.  Client Service Representatives will be available to answer specific questions about the development and assist the applicant in completing the application if necessary.

ARCH will complete the appropriate checks and paperwork and process the application.

Our client service representatives will understand the building and the community long before we talk to potential members / tenants.

Our Values

Kristen and Kim know what it means to need affordable housing.  They also know what it means to finally find that special place to call home.  We value integrity, opportunity, family, and the absolute freedom you gain from finding a safe, secure, affordable place to call home.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, to connect families and individuals with affordable housing.

We are on our way to making Affordable Housing your new home.

The ARCH Team

Kristen Weiman


A graduate of the University of Ottawa (Social Sciences) and Algonquin College (Paralegal), Kristen has a passion for organizing and helping people find affordable housing.  As a recent graduate, Kristen knows the struggle of finding a decent, affordable place to live.

Kim Weiman

Treasurer / Secretary

Affordable housing was an integral part of putting Kim’s family back together as a teenager.  Recognizing the need and importance of safe, secure housing, Kim has been working in the affordable housing sector since the early 90’s.