Welcome to the Affordable Rental Centre for Housing


ARCH is the connection between new affordable housing development and its tenants / members.

Let us help you find your home.

Our dedicated client service representatives will answer any questions you might have and assist you throughout the qualifying and application process.

Please select the community you are interested in and see if it’s the right place to call home.


That Affordable Rental Centre for Housing provides a service to developers as well as applicants.


If you are developing affordable housing and you would like to reach applicants, we can assist you. The ARCH team will:

  • Reach out to non-profit providers
  • Reach out to affordable housing sector organizations about your development
  • Post pictures and information about your development
  • Work with the developer to ensure that our staff know your development
  • Provide a customized application
  • Answer questions and respond to inquires
  • Provide the developer with qualified applicants


If you are in search of affordable housing, we can help. If you see a building or complex on our web-site that you are interested in, apply. We will post developments as they are being built and once we have the okay from the developer, we will open applications.

Our client representatives will be able to answer your questions about the development and assist you in determining whether you qualify.

If you need our assistance completing the application, we can help you with that to.


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685 Queen Development, Toronto

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Kristen Weiman


A graduate of the University of Ottawa (Social Sciences) and Algonquin College (Paralegal), Kristen has a passion for organizing and helping people find affordable housing.  As a recent graduate, Kristen knows the struggle of finding a decent, affordable place to live.

Kim Weiman

Treasurer / Secretary

Affordable Housing allowed Kim’s family to come back together as a young adult.  Co-operative housing gave her family a chance to heal and grow as part of a community. Recognizing the need and importance of safe, secure housing, Kim has been working in the affordable housing sector since the early 90’s.